Hello, I'm Jaclyn.

Hi there! I'm an independent global employer brand consultant. I began my career in Toronto, Canada, and then moved to Australia for six years where I managed the employer brand function at one of Australia's largest telecommunications companies, Optus. Today, I am based and working in Luxembourg, working as an independent consultant. Having lived in three continents and represented countless international brands, across various sectors, I have a global lens on what makes organizations attractive to prospective talent from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures.


With qualifications in both marketing management and human resources, and experience in-house and with agencies, I have a unique perspective and ability to help organizations not only retain but also recruit new talent as the future of work is reimagined. 

I have been personally recognized by LinkedIn's HQ for my strategic work in employer brand, along with various industry awards, and I'm a regular speaker at various HR and employer branding events.