Hello, I'm Jaclyn.

Does your workplace need help attracting talent? As an independent employer brand consultant, I help organizations stand out as an employer of choice to attract top talent.

With 10+ years of marketing, communications, and talent attraction experience across North America, APAC and Europe, I provide a customized approach to helping businesses attract niche, skilled and quality professionals.


How I can help.

Whether your business needs support with planning, strategy, or implementation, I will act as an extension to your HR team – without the commitment of a full-time headcount.


Employer brand strategy 

Copywriting & content creation 

Candidate experience 

Employee advocacy programs

LinkedIn training 

Talent attraction workshops 


From industry experts.


“Working with Jaclyn at Culture Ignite was a wonderful experience. We wanted to understand talent market preferences in a region we are expanding into, but don’t have a footprint yet. Without a presence there, we needed a partner who could help us tap into insights quickly. Jaclyn understood our needs, and helped us develop an approach to gain the insights we were looking for to inform our regional strategies. Jaclyn tailored her recommendations to our feedback, and the output was relevant and usable data that we were able to immediately apply to our programs. If you’re an employer brand team looking for knowledgeable, data-based support, I would absolutely recommend working with Jaclyn.”

 Ashlee Gerow, Senior Employer Brand Manager, HubSpot

"I've been truly inspired by Jaclyn's passionate approach to Talent and Employer Brand amplification. Her ability to develop, implement, and scale cutting edge concepts to authentically tell a talent brand story has been applauded by LinkedIn on a global scale."

Matt Bowman, Senior Customer Success Manager, LinkedIn


"Jaclyn was amazing at creating Optus' employer brand from scratch and taking it to levels we didn't think were possible."

Catherine Fitzgerald, Head of Talent Acquisition, Optus


“For those seeking a clear, informed analysis of their branding as an employer, I can highly recommend Jaclyn at Culture Ignite. She presented us with an excellent set of recommendations that will help us attract better talent in the future.”

Matthew Schubert, Managing Director, ALT


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